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Digital Blue QX7 Microscope

Q:Does the QX7 Microscope require a driver to be installed for Windows operating systems?

A: No. The QX7 Microscope is detected as a USB2.0 camera within Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and utilizes the built-in operating system driver.

Q: When launching the QX7 Microscope Special Effects Software the following error 102 message appears:


A: The QX7 Microscope Special Effects Software was installed before the microscope was attached to the computer. The QX7 Microscope must first be attached to the computer so that the built-in driver can be installed. Once the microscope is successfully detected and installed, the software installation will properly configure the microscope to work with the software. Refer to page 4 of the user manual for detailed installation instructions.


Q: Why do some of the installation and error screens only refer to the QX5 microscope?

A: The current version of the QX7 microscope utilizes the same software code base as the QX5 microscope, thus allowing interoperability with both versions of the microscope. A new version of the microscope software is under development by Digital Blue and is expected to be released in the fall of 2013. This new version 2.0 of the Special Effects Software will modernize the user interface, allow for windowed operation of the software and provide additional enhancements that take advantage of the improvements found in the QX7 hardware.


Q: When launching the Microscope Special Effects Software the following error 103 message appears:


A: This is a software bug that can occasionally appears upon the initial launch of the QX7 software. The error message is misleading as it isn't necessary to follow any of the recommended instructions to correct the problem. The microscope will work as normal using the following steps:

     1. Click on the OK button to return to the Special Effects Software application

     2. Click on the BACK button to return to the main menu.


     3. Click on the MICROSCOPE button to re-initialize the QX7 microscope


     4. Finished. The QX7 will operate normally.


Q: Why don't the light controls on the right side of the microscope viewing screen work?


A: The on-screen lighting controls are disabled for the QX7 as stated in page 10 of the user manual. To adjust the lighting position, press the LIGHT button located on the top of the microscope to cycle through the availalble light sources (top, bottom, top + bottom).


Q: The first time I launch the QX7 Special Effects Software it automatically starts recording a video.

A: This is a software bug that always appears upon the first launch of the software with Windows XP. This issue does not occur with modern day operating systems such as Windows Vista, 7 or 8.  As Windows XP has been discontinued for 6 years the bug will not be fixed. To bypass this issue, press the recording button to stop recording. The software will now function as normal within the current session, until the application is restarted.