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Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: I see that your product is made in China. Do any of your products contain lead?

A: All of our products are compliant with United States directive HR4040 for surface and substrate lead.

Q: How do I receive a replacement software CD for my Digital Blue™ product?

A: All product software CD's are available from the download section of this website. If you don't have the ability to download, you can order a replacement software cd through our website.

Q: When installing software that comes with your product I see a warning message that says "The software you are installing for this hardware has not passed Windows Logo Testing..." Is it safe to install this software?

A: Microsoft Windows operating systems have a driver authentication system that allows chipset suppliers to digitally sign drivers that have gone through extensive and expensive testing for compatability with the operating system. Not all chipset suppliers have digitally signed drivers available. Users of 32bit operating systems can ignore this error without concern for your system. Simply select 'Continue Anyway' at the prompt. Users of 64bit operating systems are required to have a digitally signed driver to proceed. If a 64bit driver is available it can be downloaded via the support download area of this website. Many products that were manufactured before an operating system was released may not be compatible. Please check the support download area for updated drivers or contact technical support through email for any driver inquiries.


Q: How do I use an ISO file?

A: You can either open the ISO file or burn it to a CD/DVD, then read the files from the optical disk drive of your computer.


     If you are trying to create a replacement disc from an ISO we suggest the application ImgBurn.  Download the program and install.  Double click the ISO file to launch ImgBurn and follow the onscreen help.


     Click on the ISO file to open it in Finder.  Once the ISO is open, drag and drop the program to Applications and it will automatically launch the installer.